Nec 3500 question


Could somebody explain something to me, I recently bought a nec 3500 and I used the nero cd dvd speed to see what speed my burner was burning at, and after the test it came back saying that the max that it had burnt at was 2x and the line on the graph was quite flat, I was using datalife 8x dvd - r and I thought this burner was supposed to burn at 16x, why isn’t mine then, could it be my set up:

1.1ghz Duron
64mb Ram
30gb harddrive
windows me

Or could it be something else?

Thanks in Advance

Do you have DMA enabled?


I think i might have answered this over at Are you sure you are burning the disc with CD/DVD Drive speed or reading the disc with Nero CD/DVD drive speed ? The only way you can burn a disc is to choose “Creat Data Disc”. If you are just loading a disc into your player and hitting start and then it spins up you are just reading the disc,not writing the disc.
Is this what you are doing ?

Can you explain a little more ? Have you used any other program to burn a disc ? If so, how long in minutes did it take ? A 2x burn will take about 1/2 hour. Let us know some more info so we can help.


Please provide MID as well. :wink:


When you say do I have dma enabled how do I find out and how do I make it so, if it isn’t?. I have been using nero visionexpress to do my burning because I have been being avi & mpeg files and to burn say 3gb of stuff its been taking about 14 hrs using datawrite 8x dvdr discs. I’m not to sure about the nero cddvd speed question, I will try doing that one again.


No,it’s not taking 14 hours to burn 3 GB’s of stuff, it’s takling 14 hours to encode AND burn 3 GB’s of stuff. that is 2 entirely different things there.

Let us know on the other stuff.