NEC 3500 problem

I have a 3500 and it will not work right. I originally had 2.16 firmware then I flashed it with 2f8. Now when I try to burn a dvd using nero vision express. (I have the newest nero) it starts to burn the lead in then it stops. It says burn process failed. I’m using phillups dvd-r 8x. The error that Nero is giving me is booktype not supported. I never use to have this problem. I’v went through about 15 dvd’s now. Will someone try to help me. Thanks

f/w 2.16 does not support setting booktype , 2f8 does but you must change the booktype setting first with winbytype.exe … get that executable and change the booktype to be dvd-rom for dvd+r or turn off the setting in nero that is trying to set it on the lead in to dvd. this is under choose-recorder/options/booktype settings