Nec 3500 problem copying dual layer,

trying to copy movie for the first time on a dual layer with my 3500 and i usually use dvd shrink then it goes right into dvd decrypter to decrpt it and then burns it but since i dont have to shrink it with dual layer and i already decript it and it is sitting on my hard drive now, where do i go from here. i was hoping after it decrypted it, it would start burning but it didnt, help. oh by the way, i am using a double layer dvd blank.

Use ISO mode and export to ISO and then burn the ISO. If you’re not sure how to do it, dvd decrypter has a forum as well as

I went to there site and dont see anything on the guide about burning double layer disc ect, can u help me out on this, thanks.

Like kdshapiro said, read .ISO and Write .ISO.

And use the latest version of DVD Decrypter… :wink: It works, like other proposed above.

Note though, the file can´t be bigger then ~7.9GB. Bits and bytes, you know.