NEC 3500 prefers +RW or -RW

Hi guys!

I have found that NEC prefers +RW over -RW. I have used HP, Philips, Sony and Verbatim media and I have come to this conclusion. Can some one let me know if I am right? Thanks

I have some Fuji +RW media that has worked just fine with it. I don’t have any -RW media to test though, sorry!


I prefer +RW!

Tried Verbatim 4x +RW and some Datasafe 4x +RW, 2 of the datasafe +RW’s won’t burn though, I see a ring about 5mm in from the start of the burn area and the NEC balks at both of them!

Datasafe and Datawite (same company) are quite simply rubbish ive had tubs of both where ive had a 90% failure rate.
I now use Verbatim + RW and TDK which ive had 0% failure with.
The reason why Datasafe and Datawrite are cheaper is that they buy b and c grade stock and resell it as A grade, this is one of the reasons why their dye changes so often.

ive been using a pack of 5 MrDVD CMC +RWs for over a year now, which i use for test burns and monthly data backups.

I don’t know that your conclusion is right for your drive… I think it is right for every drive. I can barely find any -RW that might be good much less one that actually is. Even the new Ritek 4X -RW were trashed by anyone who had tried them. As for my 3500, it absolutely adores Ritek +RW 4X with the Ricoh W11 media code. I get scans in the teens.