NEC 3500 playback problems


I have recently purchased the nec nd-3500 (OEM) and am having dvd playback problems.

It can read a dvd-r borrowed from a friend with no trouble but it will not play purchased film dvd’s.

The drive is a replacement for a dvd-rom (which had no playback problems) using the same cables and same setting to ‘slave’…

When playing in media player the film disk is recognised (i.e, disk name etc)
but goes to ‘windows media player cannot play dvd video’ and

Error ID = 0xC00D116A, Condition ID = 0x00000000 (when looking at ‘further information’)


Have now changed setting to master and am still having the same problems.

Just a wild guess, maybe a problem with the region code?

I have checked region code, it is set to region 2 same as the dvd i am trying to play.

Media player sends me to dvd web support where there are options for dvd decoder downloads such as cineplayer.
my previous dvd rom played dvd’s fine so surely a new player isn’t going to make a difference, are the decoders incompatible with this 3500 drive?

Angel-Of-Death, this is not a problem with the drive. This is a codec problem. Do you have DVD playback software installed? Google for Error ID = 0xC00D116A.


recent installation of power dvd has enabled dvd playback but the audio is very jumpy…

ill try another decoder…

Sonic cineplayer, crisp picture and sound… wooohooooo!!!