NEC 3500 or Pioneer 108?

Lite-On’s are OK burners, but not in the same league with NEC’s.
I have the Lite-On LDW-451S@832S and the NEC ND-2510A. The burning quality is much better with NEC.


I don’t think liteon ever quite get the dvd-r write strategy quite right.

one complaint about above mentioned review. for me its incomplete since i do only dvd+ disks they only had one tested so its not much to go off of. can anyone tell me witch drive will be better for dvd+ ??

thanks :slight_smile:

After reading all the reviews I decided on the Pioneer DVR 108. It may not do bitsetting and the ripping speeds may not be real quick but it does look like a very dependable drive that writes good discs. did a review of the 108 and I thought they said it did + well. NEC is know for doing both format well and BenQ is know for exceeding good burns for +.

Yeah…maybe, but I’m still sticking by what I said for the most part. It appears that the 108 (1.10 f/w) can write to Ritek R03 8x DVD+R media at 16x, and get fairly good quality burns. Surprising, considering that Ritek R03 in general is pretty iffy media.

I have a NEC-3500 :stuck_out_tongue: and I´m very pleased sofar.

Read how NEC-3500 compares to my Litey´s…

My Nec 3500 is on its way :slight_smile: If i get scans as good as Pinto2’s i will be happy…

Just ordered a 3500A (using it as an external drive). Should get it on the weekend.

Just got my NEC-3500 using firmware it came with, burnt a full DVD disc at 8x with Datawrite Disc (FUJIFILM03) and it took around 10minutes to burn, does this sound about right? I though it would be quicker than that.


try to burn RITEK dvd+ D/L :stuck_out_tongue:

The Nec is slower at 8x and 6x writing than the pionerr 108 because it starts writing at 4x, where the pioneer starts at 6x.

Argghh… NEC and Ritek DL media is giving me sleepless nights, don’t even go there, i hope they add support in the upcoming firmware i have been hearing about.

Would like to see how good it is at 16x, guessing it wont be as quick as pioneer due to the starting burn speed.


Apparently Ritek dl support should be here in a couple of weeks,and bitsetting (courtesy of MadDog)hopefully a couple of weeks after that.

This is the other side of the sword, the NEC is faster at 16x than the Pioneer because it writes in 16x mode with P-CAV, the pioneer uses ZONE-CLV for 16x burns and only actually jumps to 16 at the end of the burn.
The NEC is also about 12 secs faster at 12x burning, this is because it uses a 10x speed zone where the Pioneer does not.

I have a Sony DRU-500a - the very first dual format drive and I have had no problems at all. I am very happy about the drive. I have had it for almost 2 years now and I am not going to replace it before DVD+R9 media becomes cheap. Then I will buy a Nec 3500a - unless ofcourse a new wonder drive shows up before then (which is likely).

btw. I use my Sony burner for DVD+ only

Just ordered the NEC 3500A (already have 2 x NEC 2500As) - it should be here tomorrow. It was also £10 cheaper than the Pioneer 108, at £42.50 + VAT.

As I sold my Sony U10A for £50.00 a few weeks ago - the 3500A comes “free”. :slight_smile:

In my opinion getting anything for a sony is a good deal :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all,
I am looking for burn Ritek 4x @ 8x…and Ritek 8x @ 12x or 16x…
Which one can do this with good quality?
Thank you
Doctor Aziz

What about cd overburn feature of both drives: can they burn 99 min CDs ? Can they read 99 min CDs ?