Nec 3500 or Benq 1620

have heard that the nec is good for -R and the BenQ +R, is this true.

due to stock avaliability (or lack of it) which ever i choose can the 3500 be flashed to a 3500a and can the 1620 be flased to a 1620a and then pro…

or are is the hard ware different.

any assistance would be great please

newbie, trying to improve

have i posted this on the incorrect forum???

i have both the NEC3500 and BenQ 1620…the choice is obvious…why do i have 3 BenQs??..

cause its the better drive than thhe NEC3500A…!!!

1620>1620A>1620Pro…can be done using the BenQ official firmware flasher in windows…as easy as it gets…

3500 = 3500A = 3500AG etc …the name suffix is generally added by the stores, and do not define any special difference, besides colors and internal references of the store. It’s probably the same thing with the BENQ 1620.

The BENQ 1620 is known to be pretty bad with -R discs, afaik. I own a nec3500 and I haven’t had any problems either with -R or +R media. I know, because I use it, that the NEC forum is really active and has a strong development on NON-official firmwares, thanks to Liggy, Dee-27 and Quikee (mainly). They allow you to speed-up your media recording (marked as 8X, recording at 16X, for example).

There are multiple threads asking for this type of comparation. I suggest you do a search and check for reviews…it’s really a personal opinion.

Ah, BENQ has disc scan for PI/PO errors, something unexpected until now on future nec3500 firmwares. It’s pretty good to check for the recording quality!

I would take the NEC over the Benq personally. The NEC seems to be a little bit better of an all around flexible drive with all types of media. The Benq isn’t a bad burner per se but I have seen more problems in general with the Benq than with the NEC.

I have a NEC 3500 and a BenQ 1620, I use the BenQ as my “general” burner, I find the BenQ is just as good (if not better) than the NEC with -R media, and definatly better with +R. Also the BenQ allows scanning, BitSetting (without hacked firmware) and BenQ provide better tech support.

So I would definatly go with the BenQ.

Ben :slight_smile: