NEC 3500 or 3520?

I got a new computer and want to put a burner in…I have been using the 3500 burner on my other computer (still need it) with great result. sold out on the 3500 and now I think only carries the 3520 (is the 3500 model discontinued??) anyways, should I get another 3500 to use with Tai Yuden medias or should I go with 3520? I heard 3520 is not as good as 3500 in burning???

Also, if 3500 is the recommendation, where can I get it now?

As far as TY goes, either drive will burn them great. I only have the 3500, but though some media types might be better with the stock firmwares of one or the other, the general consensus seems to be that Taiyo Yuden media should perform great with either one.

The general consensus is that the 3500 is gone. The 3520 should do just fine with TY. I would go ahead and buy if I needed another drive.