NEC 3500 not recognized by Easy CD/DVD creator 6

Not sure why this is happening but Easy CD/DVD creator 6 is not recognizing my NEC 3500 in creator classic mode. I simply want to burn an audio CD using downloaded mp3’s but in the bottom right corner next to the default recorder icon and text it says none. When I try to burn a pop up box comes up stating something like “no supported recorders are available” and then a suggestion about getting the most updated driver.

I’ve burned plenty of DVDs already with no problem. What gives?

I think I figured out my own problem. Apparently the NEC 3500 is too “new” for Easy CD/DVD Creator 6.0 to recognize it. Even the most recent patch on Roxio’s site doesn’t list the NEC 3500 as an update. I imagine Easy CD/DVD 7.0 recognizes it (I would think) but not 6.0 So either I’m going to have to wait for a patch, buy 7.0 or try a different burn software … I’m testing NERO 6 using the free trial.