NEC 3500 No Longer Burns As DVD-ROM

Strange thing have without know why my NEC 3500 stopped burning video as DVD-ROM even though I am setting the process of burning for DVD-ROM in Nero CD/DVD Speed. I am using DVD Shrink for rip, encoding and Sherink automatically engages Nero for burning. Regards how I set the Bitsetting process still the burnt video comes out as DVD+R rather that DVD-ROM. Any clue that what might have happen will be appreciated.

What firmware you are using? and I guess that you talk about DVD+R media but all is working for DVD-R media?
Where do you see that the type is DVD+R on the burnt movie?
The media is reported as physical DVD+R, but there should be another indication as for the logical booktype as DVD-ROM.

Goudo; I am using LD_V1.4FAST f/w, the DVD+R when being burn still shows in Nero CD/DVD Speed as DVD+R while before use to show as DVD-ROM. but If I go to the CD/DVD Speed information disc it shows as DVD+R Booktype(DVD-ROM).

that i correct, disc type will always be +R only the booktype will change from +R to DVD-Rom.

Get DVD Decrypter, and when in ISO read mode you see the 2 indications of the booktype, the second one which is “last” should be DVD-ROM, if all is correct.

Check using DVD Identifier.