NEC 3500 newbie question

I just purchased an NEC 3500 DVD burner. I bought an OEM version which came with Roxio software. B/c it’s an OEM version, there were no instructions or anything, so I’m not sure if I need to download any drivers for the burner. Is firmware basically the same thing as a driver, or will my windows XP just use a generic driver for this burner. Thanks for helping with this.

You don’t need to download drivers. Firmware is different from driver. Firmware is the software the 3500 itself runs. It controls all the details of the drive behavior. A driver is an interface software between windows and your hardware. Just make sure you get the master/slave/cable select business right and you IDE cable has 80 conductors, not 40. There is much more info on the NEC subforum in the READ FIRST sticky section. Your drive should install and work with no hassle.

Thanks so much for the information. I haven’t yet tried to install my drive yet. My only experience in installing drives is replacing on my previous computer one CD drive for a CD burner. A couple things:

  1. The drive came with no cables, but from my memory my Dell (only 1 year old) should have all the requisite cables inside already, right?

  2. As I mentioned, there were no instructions that came with this drive. I currently have a DVD drive (read only) installed. I will be adding this burner as a second drive (assuming the connections are available in my computer). Where can I get more information on what you mentioned (master/slave/cable)? And if this is not a software switch, but jumpers, are pictures available?

  3. How do I verify my IDE cable has 80 conductors?

Thanks for helping a complete noob.


First off - do a “Search” above in the header section and write your subject - like “80 conductor cable” and you will get a variety of previous threads - this will give you answers to probably all of your questions-

I will give you some help here-

Open your case and look at your motherboard - there should be two ribbon cables - one to your hard drive (this is the primary channel) and one to your current DVD drive ( this is the secondary channel) IF there is only one cable - and it goes to the hard drive and then to the DVD drive - you are going to have to get another cable-

Anyway - assuming that you have two cables as outlined above - look at the second cable attached to the DVD drive - the far end connector should be connected to the DVD drive and there should be an available connector below it (on the cable between the current DVD drive and the motherboard) - IF not - then you have to get a new cable with connectors on both ends and one in the middle-

Assuming that you have a cable with an available connector - on the back of the drive there should be three jumpers - on the top there should be a diagram as how to set the jumpers - in this case - you want to set the new 3500 as “Slave” and be sure to double check that the old DVD drive is set to “Master” and on the far end of the cable (this will necessitate you puting the new 3500 below the current DVD drive - plug in the four hole power connection - make sure that all your cables are properly seated on all drives and the motherboard - put your case back on and boot up the computer let windows detect your new hardware - go to device manager in your control panels “System” check that DMA is enabled for all your devices - and you are ready to burn-

Happy Burnin’


Thanks for much for the info!