Nec 3500 Movie Replication

Was lucky enough to get this burner as it was being discontinued little over a year ago for 29.00 dollar s , have a question ? this burner in the review is considered a one sheep burner and not good for movies aka copying well ive copied 100 to 150 of my movies as so my daughter wont mess up the originals and never had any problems, is it maybe the quality s not as good as on other burners or is it restricted just to certain media using fuji and kypermedia but just bought some verbatim and hoping will be ok thx for any info AKA ANYDVD CLONE DVD USED MOSTLY FOR COPYING

ERN3143, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Being a one sheep burner and being god or bad at copying movies is completely unrelated!

The no sheep … three sheep burner, classification is for when you want to copy some (older) games on CD media.

Whatever number of sheep a burner has, it makes no quality difference when burning CD media with something that isn’t copy-proteced, and it has no impact on DVD burning either.

I think the NEC ND-3500 is a very good drive, also for burning movies, but in my opinion it is not a very good 16x burner, so I suggest you burn movies at no more than 12x on the 3500.

Thx for the info very appreciated thx again