NEC 3500 Love's TYG02

Have had my 3500,2.17 f/w,for a couple week’s now.I decided to try the 3500 model after using a LG GSA-4120b with mixed results re DVD media brands.
My 4120 seem’s to do best with Prodisc 8x (f01) &,of course,Taiyo Yuden 8x (tyg02).

However,without a doubt,my NEC 3500 work’s best with Taiyo Yuden 8x (tyg02).I get flawless 12x burns with the media.

I use Cyberlink’s Power Producer ver.3 as my main author/burn software as it performs ALOT better than any version of Nero I’ve ever tried.Then again…most DVD utilities perform better than Nero but that’s another story.

Not sure why, but direct-to-DVD burning,or real-time burning,via a tv tuner card seem’s to tax a DVD burner to the max.Before the 3500 no matter what media I used with the 4120, results varied at best while most attempts ended up with coasters using a speed faster than 4x.

I have had no problem what so ever using the 3500/TYG02/realtime recording setup even when setting burn speed to 12x.

I now use my LG 4120 for data b/u on my Fujifilm RAM disk DVD media & the 3500 for all video work.