NEC 3500 liggy beta 8 drive speed problems

Hi all im not new to burning and have flashed a few drives before this on but i have some major problems. I have flashed my drive with no problems and rebooted once the drive was flashed successfuly but now my copy speed are all wrong. I know for defo its not dma related and defoe not the discs as they burned at there proper speeds before the update of my firmware so whats wrong. I am using datawrite grey top fuji which are rated to 8x and burned at that before and now they say in nero and dvd decrypter that they will burn at 12x but they dont. they start at 6x drop to 4x go upto 8x then drop to 4x for the rest of the burn and a dvd takes 12mins to burn now thats not poss as a 8x only takes 7-9mins whats the probs guys.

cheers any advice welcome even if u can help me get back to orig firmware



What firmware were you using before you updated to Liggy’s firmware? I suggest you to use 2C8 SE or the Mad Dog 2.F9. You can download them and have detailed information here

Those grey tops are terrible quality. The speed cut is most likely the aopc cutting in

I have to admit I have had some issues with liggys 8 (I like his 7 better) so I went to maddog 2.f9 seems to be pretty good.