NEC 3500 LED modding question



how can i change the LED on NEC 3500? i want to replace the green light with a blue light to go with the rest of my case.

i’ve opened the drive up, but cannot locate the placement of the LED

any help and/or links greatly appreciated


dunno but its probably hardwired onto the board… I wouldnt mess with that kind of thing.


i’ve desoldered and resoldered LED’s before, my problem with the NEC 3500 is that i cannot locate the actual LED, anyone knows where it is located on the board, or where i can find a circuit diagram for the NEC3500?

  1. You can turn on the drive with the faceplate off to see what lights up.

  2. You may have soldered LED’s within their plastic confinds before, but DVD drive LED’s are just the little tiny lite diod within those plastic chambers soldered directly on the board.


Stick a piece of blue tinted transparent film over the LED, OK you’d get cyan but it’s close to blue :smiley:


That’s close enough for me!!


i thought of doing that, was hoping to do it properly though, i suspect Electrox3d is right

i’ll give what you suggest a go and see what happens, i think if you mix red and green you get blue, i’ll try it with a bit of red plastic film and see if it gives the right effect


Red + Green = Yellow as Blue is already a Primary colour!


Red and green = blue. Red and green = yellow. I want some of what you 2 are smokin’


Actually, red+green=brown with solid colors and white (clear) with illuminated colors, but you’re correct, blue (red & yellow) are primary colors, can’t be duplicated. :iagree:


apparently when mixed blue and green will create cyan though
kinda fun :slight_smile:


Yeah, but since he’s looking for blue, he can’t mix it with green to get cyan! :wink: Anyway, Compuholic has an appropriate name, I can’t believe some one would go thru all that trouble to change the color of a 2mm led. Not to mention that there is actually a thread discussing this!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes a change from endless discussions of Kprobe scans and f/w mods though :slight_smile:

And we can talk ‘blue’ without it being anything to do with sex!!


Hey… Its what CD Freaks is here for. :iagree: :iagree:

Made me start thinking of how I was going to color cordinate my new system. I don’t wan any BLASTING colors out the side window, so subtle colors throughout the case will help.


I thought I’d register just to ask have you guys actually done art or physics since most of you have got a least part of it wrong.

When it comes to light, colours are mixed in an addative method

[B]Light colours:[/B]
Magenta (red and blue)
Cyan (green and blue)
Yellow (red and green)

When it comes to solid/paint/ink, colours are mixed subtractively:
[B]Solid (paint) colours:[/B]
Red (yellow and magenta)
Green (yellow and cyan)
Blue (cyan and magenta)

The whole idea of Red, yellow and blue primaries was brought about to simplify things mainly for teaching, hence why in school you will have initially been taught that.


It’s been nearly 2 years since this was posted, why bother with something this trivial?