NEC this good?

I’m new to the DVD world. Been doing alot of reading trying to learn. Burning going well with DVDDecrypt and DVDShrink. Dozen or so movies, no coasters. Can anyone tell me if the specs look ok?

XP Pro SP1
P4 2.4@2.9
512 DDR400
WD Caviar 80 gig (DMA on)
NEC 3500AG (DMA on)
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8X media

The graph you have does not tell the whole story in the area of burn quality, but it certainly shows that this media burn is very readable. Based on the fact it is TY and that you are using a 3500 at ( I assume) regular burn speed, I would guess that your error readings would be very low and nothing to worry about. Both your media nd your drive are top drawer.

Thanks for the quick reply. I do burn at the rated speed but I had to set it to 8x. When I burned my first few, I noticed that it was burning these disks at 12x because the software default was set at “maximum”. Still, no visible issues. Is there any freeware that can assess the quality of a burn?

You actually need a drive that supports quality testing…such as LiteOn (using Kprobe) or BenQ (using CD/DVD Speed).

I have burned hundreds of Ritek G05s, Prodisc S03s, Ricoh W11s, and Ritek R03s with no problems. Others have burned TY media with the same results. I have scaned dozens of them and they all look great. The only reason I have my Liteon anymore is for scanning and I never really need to scan an NEC burns as long as I stick with media I know. I wouldn’t worry about quality scans with your drive.

Thanks guys!