Nec-3500 for use with xbox

i had a lite-on 411s that i used with ritek g04 dvd-r that seemed to work ok for use in my xbox (samsung dvd drive). i recently bought a 100 of ritek g05 and the 411s didn’t like those at all, even after upgrading to 411@811 with HS0K firmware (the one written specifically for xbox). I bought an NEC-3500 because of what I’ve read about its performance. Does this drive work well with -r, specifically ritek g05? It seemed the lite-on favored +r but the xbox and +r don’t get along very well. however, with bitsetting, i may be able to switch to +r if the nec doesn’t like -r. am i ok with these ritek g05’s for now?

this drive works well with -R, until now I have burned like 30 DVD-R with great results, even with some crap media. Although, I’ve used some +R media, and this drive easily overspeed that media (from 4x to 8x), with good result. Until now all the -R were burned at the speed stated. If you use the 2c8 firmware, I understand the bitsetting is set o dvd-rom.

does it set dvd-rom automatically? if so, i might just switch to +r, i haven’t got the burner yet so i’m gonna have to see, i know one thing though, i’ve given up on lite-on. i’m still gonna use the 811s to rip though

I use +R with my Samsung fitted Xbox, they work great. The last 30 or so discs have been booktyped to -ROM, but even +R and -R work just fine. For reference, I used el-cheapo BenQ +R (Daxon I believe), Ritek +R (R03) and Ritek -R (forget the specific code).

well my problem was the discs would just stop toward the end of the dvd with my lite-on 411s (before and after upgrading to 411@811) so i thought i’d give this burner a try, could be the best on the market from what i’ve read

Ive been hearing good things about the Benq 1620 as well, an pioneer (or the dark side as they were called in another post by someone) are usually good as well. For me tho, its NEC first (tho i do fancy one of them benqs). If only the 3500 did error scanning it would be perfect.

Error level wise tho, the NEC seems to be the best all round of all the drives, which is always good if youve been having hardware problems.

well what scares me is that i’ve read on the nec forum that people were having the exact same problems i was having with the lite-on, the discs just freeze or skip near the end of the disc. i fixed this problem on my lite-on with a firmware upgrade using g04 riteks but the g05 riteks would all freeze, no matter what firmware i used. i keep hearing how good ritek is but i’ve had nothing but problems with them. i hope this burner works well with them, and it does from what i’ve read

G04’s are supposed to be very good, but i have read that the quality of g05’s is variable. It would also depend on the grade of the media, is it A grade ritek branded (Ritek, Ridata, Traxdata) or less reliable stuff, such as ridisc, datawrite, etc?

Perhaps you should try slowing down your burn speed as well?

it’s branded ridata from newegg. the lite-on 411@811 can only write them at 4x and i heard that ritek has to be written at full speed in order to be reliable. i went with the nec for 4x dual layer and quality burns, something that i haven’t had with the lite-on