Nec 3500 firmware

today i got nec 3500 ag, after reading this forum i upgraded my firmware to 2.17 using nec website. I burned 1 dvd useind dvd+r media however this didn’t play on my apex 1200. So, i change the bitsetting using dvdinfo. Just wondering the dvd i burned is no good right? cuz i can’t change the book value for that one?

Also there are so many firmware’s for Nec 3500 beside 2.17 i already upgraded. which one should i put on?

This book value thing do u only change it once? or after burning the dvd u use dvdinfo to change the book value of the dvd that i just burned?

sorry for asking these noob questions but i am totally new to this


2.17 is not even the latest Official firmware. We are up to 2.18 now. Try reading some more posts in this forum. Then go to for all of the available firmwares and their characteristics.

No official NEC firmware supports bitsetting, so you did not actually change the bitsetting with DVDinfo, since your firmware does not support it. Not even the cool Nero drop down choice will do that unless your firmware supports it.

You’ll have to go rogue and try one of the unofficial firmwares. But kiss your warranty goodbye when you do so. But when the drive is only $63 on newegg, who really needs a warranty.

which one is the best ?

also can u change the book value of dvd once dvd has been burned with nero?


You can only change the book type with +R medias only-

I don’t think that you can change the book type back and forth on already burned media - now if you have +RW media - I think you can change the book type after you reformat it and before you start a new burn-

Why would you want to change booktype when DVD-rom is so universal?


I’d try the official 2.18 and see if your discs play in your player then. I forgot to mention it does Bitset Dual layer discs, just not single layer like you are using. If that doesn’t cure your problems, try the “NEC 2.18 (218btrpc1)” at your own risk, which has the riplock removed and single layer Bitsetting active. I’m able to get what I need with the 2.18 official firmware. Bitsetting single layer discs is not really a need for me, but the having the Riplock removed would be nice. The 3500’s only downfall is slow ripping. Removing the riplock enables a higher speed ripping. One reason they lock it is to keep the drive quiet.