NEC 3500 Firmware

I have a nec 3500 and am wondering how to update the firmware and whether it really helps out or not. I am having problem’s when I copy dvd’s the sound cuts in and out sometimes… will firmware help this out? Also what do people recommend for good blank dvd’s. I am currently using phillips 8x dvd-r. thanks for everyone’s help

will someone please tell me how to flash new firmware to my 3500. Also what is the benefit of doing this. Is there a way to back u pthe original first?
When I use Nero tools to find out what firmware I have it says 2.16. So this isn’t the newest one. Plus it says max write speed 8x …that’s not right is it? or is that just because i have a 8x blank dvd in there? I am more than confused and I basically just want to know how to flash my firmware and backup the original first. Also what benefits will I get from doing this?

Try the NEC forum in recording hardware, it should be a more active place to find this.


What you need isn’t firmware (your 2.16 is the most recent OFFICIAL firmware)-

What you need is good media and an understanding of how firmware handles a given brand/speed of media-

Rule #1 for any DVD burner - Good Media=Good Burns!!

Get yourself some Taiyo Yuden 8x in either - or + R’s or some Ritek 8x or some Maxell or Verbatim-


with all the threads talking about firmware there was no need to start a new one.
Go here and find all the firmwares and utilities available:

How do I find out what firmare to use on my ND-3500A? I bought it OEM from Newegg. The forums I’ve read identify the OEMs by 2nd party (Madog, TDK etc.), but my drive has no 2nd party ID. Anyone know what kind Newegg sells?

Your drive is NEC model ND-3500A or AG, the TDK and Madog are repackage of your NEC drive. My advise is don’t jump to conclusion for the upgrading your drive firmware, your drive original firmware(2.16) is good one, try to work with it atleast for a month or so then decide weather you want to upgrade or not.

i bought a NEC ND-3500AG what firmware should i use?

Mad Dog 2.F9
TDB 2.F9
Herrie 2.17

and where can i download them?

tks for the help :slight_smile:

have a look here for newer ones

tks :slight_smile: but there are a few diferent versions … witch one sould i use?

as for now I would suggest two options:

  1. 2C8SE
  2. 2.18SE

You can find both firmware at