NEC 3500 firmware upgrade potential for RW media

Hey Guys,

This forum is great. After read a couple of threads, I decide to flash my NEC3500A to the hacked version of 2.18 and it works wonderfully. Now, I’m able to burn 4X ritec media at 8X!

I’m really interested at this firmware upgrade thing now. Since the firmware gets better and better, I wonder what other great things could happen with firmware upgrade.

So far, the burning speed for DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD9 can be increased, but nothing for DVD+RW or -RW. Is it possible that later versions of firmware can make 3500A burn DVD+RW,-RW at 8X?

I don’t think it will happen unless NEC does it. Firmware patching does not usually add new features and increased RW writing speeds qualifies as a new feature.