NEC 3500 firmware in MadDog 16XDVD9

Can this be done? If so, it seems the best way to be sure of having the newest firmware

Mad Dog f.29 works great for me. Automatic bitsetting for +R,+R DL and+RW. Burns good on all the media I have. I use a seprate DVD-Rom for ripping so don’t care about riplock and have no use for region free as DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypt takes care of that before it hits the burner. AND it is supported Mad Dog fimware. Record TY,s T02 8X at 16X, Sony D11 8X at 16X, Ricohjpn r01-02 4X at 8X and even does good burns on cheapo GQ 4X printables and Memorex printables. :smiley:

Could u tell me where u downloaded f.29 from? thanks

It’s the 2.F9 and you can download it overhere.