Nec 3500 firmware 2.f9

having trouble undrerstanding why i could not use my nec 3500 to copy files to it from my notebook. the nec did not allow me to write files to a cd r/rw wwhich had plenty of free space…

nec does read files though.

nero info tool .exe says i ought to be able to write to cd r/rw.

nor would nec allow me to create a folder on a cd rw disk.

i have had some difficulties buring dvd’s but that seems to be somewhat resolved by setting booktype to dvd-r. in that area today was a good one.

tried , with i can not reset book type to cd-r or cd-rw,
(perhaps i am unaware of a better way than by using the tool)

and hardware is supposed to be capable of writing cd r/rw.

i was able to perform all above functions with my internal toshiba srd2312.

please advise.

again, nec 3500 ag, firmware 2.f9, windows sp2, … see signature info

robert in gozo

What burning app. are you using… :wink:
If Nero then have a look at attachment. Read also this short guide.

BTW, you can’t set “booktype” to CD-R/RW with Liggy´s NECWinflash. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually was using windows “move these files” without any external application. i do have nero. though and will have to give it a try. i thought with external nec 3500, as with internal tochiba sdr2312 i could just move and copy files to cd- r/rw.

as for resetting booktype seems it can only be set/ reset for dvd-r or dvd+r or dvd-sl etc. not cd.

thanks for insight.


You better stop that stupid burning service of WinXP in the first line. This service is prone to fail.

thank you.
as you have proved to me regarding transferring files.

have you any recommended solution for my other/ original query regarding why i am having trouble with my nec 3500 burning? nero messages say it has been ‘reset’.

currently using 2.f9 firmware and think that may be part of my problem, though i am looking for any other possible explanation. it may merely be me! :slight_smile:

clonedvd2 stops in midstream soimetimes.

dvd encrypter stops also.

i downloaded the new libby firmware upgrade and the full libby firmware.

can i simply insert upgrade via winflash or do i need to first go back to original NEC firmware then go to libby’s?

ought i use the upgrade or the full firmware?

thanks in advance,
robert still learning.