NEC-3500 Fastest rip & Reliable Media



Hello all you experts -
I am having a machine built to my own specs (2*Xeon 4G Ram etc).
I have also specified 2 NEC 3500 writers (expecting delivery next Wednesday). Now I am not an expert, but have been used to backing up my DVD collection with a couple of Liteon’s - A very fast ROM ripper and then burning with the Liteon 811S, works great.

All the dialogue relating to Firmware upgrades for the 3500 is a little confusing to me.

I just want to be able to Rip at a fast speed and write reliably to good media.

What would you experts suggest to achieve the above.
Many Thanks


keep the LiteOn for ripping and use NEC 3500 for burning :wink:


A good idea.

However, silly I know - the machine is being built all in black (a bit of a dream machine that I can’t really afford - but have indulged).

The Liteon’s are beige - and I am looking for all to match in black. The other thing is, I am hoping to burn to both NEC’s at once.

So, is there anything I can do to up the rip speed - and what would you suggest as good reliable media. In the past I have always used Traxdata without problem.


You can use a modded riplock removed firmware to up the rip speed… but that will not help much if you rip a DL disc.


Thanks for sticking with me on this.

You state that riplocked software will not help.

My understanding is (I might be wrong) that purchased DVDs are DL.
These DVDs rip very quick on my current setup. (*12 and higher)

Do I understand that you are saying; using riplocked software on the NEC to rip DL will not help i.e. no increase in rip speed?

If this is the case - I can only form the view that; Firmware is not available to enable my NEC to rip at the same speed as my Liteon - namely - nothing can be done to increase the ripping speed of the NEC.

Would you agree?

Further - any advice on the most compatible brand of DVD Media for the NEC?

Thank you again



Newegg carries the Lite-On SOHW-1633S in black. It’s $64 for retail, $67.50 OEM (funny that OEM is more expensive).


Thanks for response -

I want to use my 2 NEC 3500’S

But picking up on your advice, I would of course prefer the Liteon 1653S (newest model) - if I were to import from the USA - but I can’t find either in Black available in the UK - Unless anyone else can point me in a different direction.

Not worth importing (WOULD BE COSTLY) to do it from our mates in the USA.

OEM not a problem, but yes - you would think it to be cheaper…

Still awaiting views on how to speed up NEC rip AND the best Media.



Blimey -
My requirements are pretty simple - at least compared to other makes/models (for which the answers to below are available and solvable).

After all the Firmware revisions/dialogue/arguments - It boils down to my two questions - that (as yet) are still unresolved.

  1. What do I do to up the NEC-3500 rip speed for DL and others
  2. What is the most reliable (not fastest) DVD Media for DL Backup



1, 4 - 5X is as fast as you’ll rip a DL disc with or without riplock being removed, unless you can hack the firmware and find something to remove this restriction that we can’t. :slight_smile:
With riplock removed DL ripping with start at 4X instead of 2X

2, Verbatim DL media is regarded as the best DL media and will burn at upto 4X


it seems that the only difference bettwen the 1633s and the 1653s is the firmware. you can get a black front panel for your 811s here for £1.99.


Are u wanting to backup a dvd to regular dvd media? Such as using a program such as dvd shrink then burning it to 4.7gb disc? If so, with hacked firmware it takes me around 30-40 mins to rip a dvd to an .iso file on my HD with DVD Shrink. Once I have the .iso I just burn it onto a DVD.

Media recommendations are (in my most favorite order):

[li]Sony DVD-R 8x, MID = SONY08D1 (can burn at 16x)
[/li][li]Maxell DVD-R 8x, MID = MXL RG03 (can burn at 16x)
[/li][li]FUJI DVD+R 8x, MID = YUDEN000T02 (can burn at 16x, with good batch)
[/li][li]TDK DVD+R 8x, MID = YUDEN000T02 (can burn at 16x, with good batch)
[/li][li]FUJI DVD+R 8x, MID = RICOHJPNR02 (can burn at 16x, with good batch)
[/li][li]Maxell DVD-R 4x, MID = MXL RG02 (can burn at 12x)
[/li][li]Maxell DVD-R 4x, MID = TYG01 (can burn at 16x)(not sure if used anymore)
[/li][li]Maxell DVD-R 4x, MID = MXL RG02 (can burn at 12x)
[/li][li]TDK DVD-R 8x, MID = TTG02 (can burn at 12x)

These are just my favorites and what I have tried.

These were all tested wit Quikee2 FW mods.


Thank You ALL.
For taking the time to read and respond. I now have the information that will help.
Essentialy - I will try the NECs for rip speed,if they are slower than my Liteon, then I will fit the Liteon (and black front now I know where to get one) alongside the NEC.

Will then use the Liteon for ripping and the NEC for burning.

I have now ordered some Verbatim DL as suggested - just hope the price continues to fall, I can’t afford to many coasters.
Thanks Again


what ripping speeds have been improved by the different hacks available right now?
is it possible to rip RW media at full speed (16X) ? With my fw 2.16 I only reach 8X.

hey Dee, may I see a larger version of your avatar? :wink: