NEC 3500 error message HELP?

I have two drives, some older LG and Nec 3500…

LG works fine with InCd, but when I try to FORMAT CD or DVD (RW) with incd i always get ERROR message , something like that: “Please confirm that disc is compatible with the drive and is not scrached or damaged”

Error log:

0420 05:03:20 23:02:12:07 e=0. Media is a DVD+RW.
0420 05:03:20 23:02:15:07 e=0. Media is a DVD+RW.
0420 05:03:20 23:02:15:12 e=2001. SCSI error: (Op 55h (ModeSelect10) => os=45
Dh host=0h tgt=0h OS error 1117.: See winerror.h @ ID=0_0_0_0 ‘_NEC DVD_RW N
D-3500AG’ CDB bytes:[55h][10h][00h][00h][00h][00h][00h][00h][14h][00h][00h][
0420 05:03:20 23:02:15:12 e=2993. The device rejected read/write recovery par
ameters.(EDeviceAddError os=45Dh host=0h tgt=0h 00/00/00h @ ID=0_0_0_0 ‘_NE
C DVD_RW ND-3500AG’)
0420 05:03:20 23:02:15:12 e=2982. Error setting Write Parameters code page.(E
DeviceAddError os=0h host=0h tgt=0h 00/00/00h @ ID=0_0_0_0 ‘_NEC DVD_RW ND-

Packet writing software like InCD is not reliable. Use CD/DVD ISO multi-session.

Why it is not reliable?

It works on other drive???

InCD causes no problems with my 3500. I see similar lines in my log too, but the disc formats OK. Are you sure you waited until the format was finished? If the “Close” button is not enabled, the format hasn’t finished.


Try another brand of media like Verbatium, Imation or TDK rw disks and also make sure the Nec recorder has the latest firmware.

Yes it Works ok in other Win XP… maybe Alcohol 120 causes problems