NEC 3500 Dual Layer Burning Help

hey guys, i have a newb question for you… so i recently just won a NEC 3500 dvd burner on ebay. i burned a DVD+R with the drive with no problem. but then i popped in a TDK DVD+R DL and it would inconsistently read the disc. when i would click on “my computer” it would just read that the F: drive had no disc in it. i then went onto dvdfab to burn a DVD9 file onto the TDK DL disc and the process would start, then 5 or 10 seconds into it, it fails. is there anything i should do? thanks in advance! :bigsmile:

Verbatim DL DVD+R are the only reliable Dual Layer dvd’s.

Don’t use anything else.

The NEC3500 is quite old now, it definately doesn’t have decent write strategies to support other DL media.

My NEC3500 is at least 2 years old … if not 3 years old.

Yep, either 4x or 2.4x Verbatim DVD+R DL should see you right with the 3500 :slight_smile:

thanks a bunch guys!!

now next question? haha where’s the cheapest place online to snag some Verbatim DVD+R DL bundles?

Depends where you are :wink:

haha i stay in the bay area, CA… :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I can recommend :slight_smile:

Also, keep an eye on our Bargain Basement forum for good US deals on Verbatim, they come up often :wink: