NEC 3500 Does not write DL

I have just built a new PC with twin NEC 3500s - Dual ZEON - 8G RAM Bla Bla Bla.

I am trying to burn DVDs to DL Media.
Done the usual - Ripped to a Directory (exactly the same as I have always done). I am using Nero / Video (this has always worked on SL Disks) but have set it for DL.

I do not have a problem when burning to 4.5 Gb media and the DVDs play fine EVERYWHERE

Bottom line - I have ended up with around 15 coasters at a costly £5 per Disk.
I am using Memorex DV+R 8.5GB and have also tried Verbatim Etc etc…
Never managed a good copy that will work on any of my standalone DVD players. (4 of them and all less than 4 month old)

I have tried EVERY 3500 Flash - but nothing works.

Maybe it hasn’t been tested very well in custom firmware, due to the media being so expensive? Then again, you’d have at least thought the official firmware would write DL DVDs correctly.

When you say coaster, do you mean the burn fails or that the DVD will not play EVERYWHERE?

I seem to recal there was something you had to set in Nero to put the layer break in the correct place.

Are you using the latest Nero 6?

Try using DVD Decrypter and rip to ISO/MDS. The MDS file contains extra info to ensure a good DL burn. Use DVD Decrypter in ISO write mode and select the MDS file to burn to your DL disc.

The only real success with DL media on any drive is Verbatim. IMO RITEK based DL media is a waste of money.

Exactly. :slight_smile:

Got the same problem with the Nec 3500 AG, on a dvd Verbatim 8.5 GB Dual layer (advanced AZO), firmware updated at the official 228 version.

On Nero Express it doesn’t read the dvd disc as a dual layer, but as a simple 4,5.

bit setting to DVD+R SL -> dvd+r dl and DVD+R DL -> dvd+r dl

Please help!!

Your Nero version is obsolete.

I suggest to use DVDDecrypter instead.

You know, things could be worse. Your first Memorex DVD+R DL disc could have killed your 3500A like it did mine.

I don’t know about that, Dee (It looks like you don’t like memorex discs!)…I have good success with my 3540A and Memorex DL discs…I backed up (yes, I REALLY own it) my incredibles DVD and watched it on my DVD Player on my TV and the one in my PC…works fine.