NEC 3500 Does not get media codes from cd-r!

I have a problem, i’ve tried many tools like dvd_info_pro and i cannot get media codes from any cd-r brands. I just updated from 2.16-_>2.18 firmware which didn’t help. One guy claims that he gets the media codes from cds with his NEC 3500.

Any ideas to solve the problem?

Or lets put it this way. Can you get media codes out of cd-r with NEC 3500 and which firmware?

do you have Alcohol 120% installed?

Yes i have. What does that mean?

open up Alcohol 120%

go to File>Options>Emulation and uncheck all boxes you see in there (Ignore Media Type, Launch “CD/DVD Manager”…, and RMPS).

now try and see if you can get the MID of CD-Rs.

thanks!, Alcohol 120% can read that information.

EDIT: problem sloved completely, i unchecked the box “hide type of cd-r” from alcohol 120% and now every program can read media code

yup, figured that was your problem. i ran into that as well and was stumped for a while trying to figure it out. i think OC-Freak or G@M3FR3AK posted it in some other thread.

I hope this hasn’t affected to discs i have burned. Does burning programs care which kind of media is inserted and adjust burning by disctype?

it shouldn’t have affected your burns, i don’t think. i know i’ve burned a few audio CDs before i figured it out, and all was fine with them.