NEC 3500 -dl capability



hi i’m new to this forum, this is like my second post, so i am sorry if this has been asked before.

btw i recently flashed liggy’s se 2.18 firmware, and i’m very grateful for it, so thank you. :slight_smile:

apparently the nec 3520 is soon to support - dual layer burning. i am aware that the hardware is different in the 3520, but hear me out.

if there was a firmware hack for the 2500 (i think it was the 2500 anyways) to make it dual layer, and the 3500 supports - discs, then would it not be ever possible to write a firmware that can turn the 3500’s - capability, into a -dl capability? the 3500 supports dual layer anyway, and it supports -, so could the two be merged to make - dual layer?

now i don’t know much about burners, and i am just asking, so try to keep flaming down to a minimum.


Welcome to the Forum and nice nic:
Well don’t know if anyone wants to mess with it but there’s no media out to test AFAIK to even see if it works.



ok but technically speaking is it possible? -dl isn’t really an issue with booktyping, as + can just be used, but when -dl is released, and its cost becomes fairly cheap, can you see it maybe happening, or will the 3500 be a dead drive by then?


Most likely 3500 and dvd’s will be a dead issue, before this media becomes cheap. Think of superfloppies. The companies are now pushing either hd-dvd or bluray. Or maybe flash memory.