NEC 3500 + Dell DVD-Rom (Rom slow)



I have an NEC 3500 (W/ LD V2 Beta 6 firmware) and just got a Dell Dimension 4700. It came with a DVD-Rom and when I use it to burn from ROM to DVD-R/W it is very slow. I thought I read somewhere that the firmware I put on the NEC makes it read movies faster as the studios put a limit on how fast a DVD can be read. I have no idea what type of DVD-ROM Dell gave me. Should I just sell the thing off or is there some type of firmware for making a Dell DVD-Rom read faster?


if your burning on the fly then you will need a fast reader like Aopen or Liteon. why not create an image to hard drive first as on the fly copying can be unreliable.


The firmware in the NEC will not make your DVD-ROM read any faster, only ripping a DVD from your NEC to your Hard Drive will be faster.

Also check that DMA is enabled for both drives, that could limit the read speed and slow down ‘on the fly’ burning.


Check your device manager. It should normally be listed there.