NEC 3500 Dead!?



Well I just got this drive a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like it’s dead. I left my computer on last night as I always do, and when I returned this afternoon to work on it, I found the NEC wasn’t recoginized by Windows. I changed IDE channels, switched slave/master, and the drive was never recognized even in BIOS. I tryed putting the the drive in a different computer, still no luck. The weird thing is, it doesn’t seem dead like other drives I’ve seen. It still opens/closes, and doesn’t cause a hang up when booting Windows. I think my option to RMA it is out of the question, the last firmware I flashed it with was Herrie’s 2.17! :sad: Any suggestions?


Is the drive recognised by the BIOS of your board?


Nope. :frowning:


It seems as if it happened over night. I thought it might be because I installed the latest version of Nero, but I tryed unstalling it, and even that wouldn’t account for it not being recoginized by BIOS or in another computer.


i would RMA it anyway, if it’s dead they will find it hard to test at the supplier and may well just send you a replacement. :wink:


If it’s not recognised by other computers even, and if you have tried different cables already, it might well be broken. I agree, RMA seems to be the only option left under these circumstances.


Alright, seems no options are left. Off to newegg it goes tomorrow. BTW, is newegg down for anyone else? I can’t seem to access it…

#8 works for me, but it’s slow.


It’s not working here…



Just tried - hooked right up-