NEC 3500 click of death?

Out of the blue yesterday my NEC 3500 drive seems to have developed a fault. I put a blank TYG01 in for a burn and the drive started making a clicking/ticking sound about every half-second, as if trying to spin up the disc. ImgBurn finally recognised it and starting burning, but it failed soon after. Log is attached.

I tried reading other DVDs and CDs, but got the same clicking noise and no response in Windows.

Today the drive seems to be working fine. The noise has been intermittent, but a test burn just verified perfectly.

Is this a known issue or a freak event?

Sorry, but I don’t see a log. Please repost it.

Should be attached now.

NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG 2.16

Firmware is a little old, but then so is the drive…could be that your drive is on it’s last legs.

First use other media.

Old TY’s, but still TY’s :slight_smile: