NEC 3500 & CD Speed : Disc Quality Test?

Have searched the threads and it looks like Nero’s Disc Quality Test won’t work on the 3500.
Was sure I’d got a scan from it ages ago. Am I going mad?
Anyone managed to use the 3500 for Disc Quality Test?
I’m using Herrie’s 2.17 f/w and Nero CD-Speed 3.30

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - couldn’t find a definitive yes/no answer.

If not guess I’ll have to go find a cheap Lite-on for KProbing :slight_smile:

Yes, this has been answered some 20 posts down…


Make sure you get a burner. ROM drives do not all provide reliable Kprobe scans.

Duh! Knew it would be answered somewhere obvious… Cheers Pinto :bigsmile: