NEC 3500 CD max speed issue

Hey everyone

I have a 3500, and everything is all good, except I can’t burn CDs above 16x. I’m using Nero 6, and Pine 48x CDs. I know it’s not the CDs, cuz I’ve used them with a CD burner and they burned faster than 16x.

Do I need to upgrade my firmware before I can get high (48x) CD burning?



A thread about the same problem just a few lines below yours

List of recommended CD Media for the NEC ND-3500A

I can burn my 52x RiDisc cd-r at 48x with the NEC 3500AG (fw. 2.16).

What is the ATIP on those CD-Rs?

RiDisc = Ritek brand, so most probably they are Ritek 52x discs (ATIP: 97m15s17f)

I was referring to the OP.
“Pine” CD-Rs.

Ah, I see. Sorry, I thought you were referring to QuiCo’s post.