Nec 3500 - Cd+g

Hi guys,
First of all a great site!

I have tried the search facility to check that I don’t double post and couldn’t find what I want so here goes!

I am looking at buying an NEC 3500 to replace an existing CDRW drive.
In the spec for it I can see that it will read CD+G but cannot find any info as to whether this drive will write/burn CD+G.
My existing drive is an NEC NR7900A which when using alcohol 120% will write no problem.

Any Ideas?



I Googled and found this on the first hit:

What is Disc-at-Once Recording?
What CDROM recorder/drive should I buy?

What CD-R blank media should I buy?

Do you support IDE/ATAPI devices?

Will your software copy PlayStation discs?

What CDROM devices support CD+G (Karaoke) discs?

What CDROM recorders support CD-TEXT discs?

Do you support the Linux, OS/2, or Macintosh operating systems?

Does your software support “overburning” on 74 minute discs?

Does your software support 80 minute discs?

When recording a disc, I receive the error message “Write command failed… Read/Write error or bad medium detected”. What does this mean?

What is Disc-at-Once Recording?

Disc-at-Once recording allows you to write an entire disc without turning the laser off between tracks. This gives you complete control over the disc layout. When recording audio discs, you will be able to control the length of the “pauses” between tracks (or eliminate them completely). The other benefit of DAO recording is that the resulting disc can be used as the master for commercial disc replication.

What CDROM recorder/drive should I buy?

We have found that Yamaha, Plextor, Ricoh, and Sony have consistently made quality CDROM recorders and drives over the past few years (other good brands include Philips and Teac). Even though there are dozens of companies selling CDROM recorders (Memorex, HP, Traxdata, Acer, etc.), most of their models are made by one of the major companies listed above (for example, all of the Hewlett Packard recorders are made by either Philips or Sony).

What CD-R blank media should I buy?

We only recommend Mitsui, Philips, Kodak, and TDK brand discs. Many people have reported problems with Maxell, Verbatim, and other “cheaper” discs. You can purchase Mitsui discs from “” (we are not associated with this company other than we purchase blank discs from them).

Do you support IDE/ATAPI CDROM devices?

Many IDE recorders are supported by our software… Please read Important IDE Information before using or ordering our software. Note: The Sony 928E, Mitsumi 2600TE, and Mitsumi 2801TE recorders will never be supported because they do not support disc-at-once recording.

Will your software copy PlayStation discs?

You can’t play a CD-R copy by just dropping it into the Playstation. You have to get a special “chip” installed inside your console that defeats the copy protection scheme (we do not do this modification). Even though our software is capable of copying many game discs, please be aware that we will not answer any questions regarding the copying of Playstation, Saturn, or other game discs due to the excessive piracy of these titles (all Email on this subject will be deleted).

What CDROM devices support CD+G (Karaoke) discs?

To backup CD+G discs, you must have one of the following recorders…

Hewlett Packard 7500 / 8100 / 8200 / 9100 / 9200
Panasonic CW-7501
Plasmon CDR4240
Plextor PX-R412C (must have firmware version 1.07)
Plextor PX-R820T / PX-W4220T / PX-W8220T)
Sony CRX100E / CRX110E / CRX120E / CRX140E / CRX140S
Yamaha All Models

As you can see-all the writers are CDRW’s


Hey Big Mike,
Thanks for reply, but, perhaps I worded the question wrong!

All I want to know is does the NEC 3500 DVDRW burn CD+G?

Interestingly the list that your initial search brought up did not include my NEC NR7900AG CDRW which as I said burns CD+G no problem.

I suppose I could try emailing NEC to see if I can get an answer unless anyone else knows!