NEC 3500 cannot read in vista, works in XP

I searched the forum but could not find any thread with this particular issue. I just did a fresh install of XP Pro and Vista Enterprise (32Bit). My NEC 3500AG PATA DVDRW works fine with XP and linux but vista seems to have problem reading anything from it. I installed Vista using it but with a few problems. When I was trying a standalone Vista install, it would start but not progress. I installed XP and then from within XP I started Vista install. It copied Vista files and restarted and it worked. However if I have any CD/DVD in it, Vista would freeze while booting. Similarly if in Vista I put any CD it tries and tries to read it but cannot do so. I put a Music CD and media player could see the song titles and even an explorer window could display the cda files.
However I cannot install Office or anything else from my CDs. Works fine in XP.
Computer details: Dell Dimension 9150 desktop with Pentium D, 2GB RAM, SATA hard drives, and this DVDRW is the only PATA device.
I got a firmware update from NEC website and applied it. It restarted the system after that and I got a message from Vista that the drivers for NEC DVDRW were successfully installed. It shows in device manager that “the device is working properly”, like it did before.
Upon search someone had posted a microsoft article showing registry updates but I could not find those registry keys and I doubt it works for Vista (the article was for XP).

UPDATE: I put a Sony DVD-ROM drive and it works in Vista. So I guess I’m gonna have to either buy a new DVDRW or use XP when I need to burn a DVD.
I looked for the registry fix but it seems my vista installation did not have any UpperLimit and LowerLimit values in that registry key.

I had the same problem with the same drive, sometimes vista would see the drive on boot, i tried different firmware, drivers, cables, jumper settings as well as the reg tricks and still it wouldnt work. Having to remove and reinstall the ide controller everytime I wanted to use this drive was just too much so its been swapped for an old benq which works perfectly.