NEC 3500 burning very bad with TY G02, TY T02? ( With Results )

Hi all,

I have test some TY disc to burn with NEC 3500, and I have bad results!!!
I tried burn G02 @12x, G02 @8x, T02 @16X, T02 @12x, and all show me bad result!!
And bad result with transfer rate too!!
Using LD 2 Version 9 & 8 firmware!!

I try to test it with NEC 3500, And LiteOn Combo Drive, using nero cd-dvd speed and KProbe with LiteOn!!

and here you can see result for G02 @12x
Using nreo cd-dvd speed and Kprobe, for Disc quality and transfer rate!!

Why it show me this bad result ( With TY only )??

Thank you
Doctor Aziz

And here with TY T02 @16x
( It also give me bad result @12x )

I get good results with TY 02… will post later…

What brand are your TY? Fuji ? Hyundai ?
There are a lot “fake” TY blank DVD’s on the marked… like Hyundai.
Some indication is the price of the discs : where yours maybe very cheap ?

I bought it from!!!

Doctor Aziz the only reason you are getting such low quality scores is because you are using a LiteOn Combo drive to do your scanning, which by the way is completely unreliable and not accurate at all. =)

Hi XND1n01h, And I user nero transfer rate with NEC 3500 show me bad result!
And is the LiteOn combo drive so bad??
Thank you
Doctor Aziz

And LiteOn scanning show me very good result with ritek , prodisc and many kinds!!

It really all depends, see LiteOn Combo drives don’t report an accurate PI/PIF… you would be better off scanning with DVDInfoPro just to give you an estimate, the Combo drive just can’t be compared to a DVD Writer when it comes to scanning. As for your transfer rate tests if they were done with the Combo drive then you can expect the drop at the end of the transfer, and if they were done with the NEC then maybie you have a bad batch.

Hi XND1n01h, about transfer rate, NEC show the same at LiteOn!!
I tried LD2 V8 & 9!!

Then quite possibly you might have a bad batch… it’s hard to tell unless you can scan with a PI/PIF capable DVD Writer, give Dee’s 2.TB a try. Run some tests at 8x then move up and see how your results show up. =)

Also try Quikee’s 2.FC Version 3 Milestone Firmware to see separate results. :bigsmile:

I have Fuji Taiyo Yuden Discs… I payed like 11 euro for 25…
If you buy unbranded TY… you pay like 18-19 euro for 25?

So where is the price difference? cause I thought Fuji uses genuine TY? or am I wrong…

btw this is a scan of Fuji TY @16 speed with NEC 3520a


Transfer test doesn’t look good. Try 4X burn speed and retest. If you still see problem, then try the 218btrpc1 firmware. I suspect you may have bad media. Contact RIMA for RMA authorization.

I have the 3500a (2.TB), same combo 5232 (NK0H), and fuji brand G02.

The errors you are gettting are not consistent. I suspect that something in your system is causing less than optimal conditions, like reduced bandwidth at bad moments. I had similiar issues, and they seemed to go away when I disabled a program I had running in the background… (You don’t fold by any chance do you?) Even though burnproof should kick in, I’ve found that when it does, it seriously reduces the quality of the burn. Sometimes readable, sometimes not.

While the combo drive is not the best measure for testing, it should give you a reasonable idea on the quality of the burn. I’m testing a recent burn right now, and will post my results in a bit…

Here’s the result, not great… I guess “acceptable”.

No, but 11 eur for 25 TY DVD+R is a good price ! Where did you buy these ?
I got 10x 25-spindle Fuji 8x Yuden000T02 (same as yours, I suppose) from CDRWinkel for 11.50 or 12.00 eur, don’t remember the exact price.
Are yours purple TOP ? What code do they have on the disks ? I have both TG001125 and TG001133. Some say there is a quality difference between these. My current spindle is “not so good quality” and is a TG001125… :confused:

Looks OK, but should be redone on a writer : readers don’t report errors very well.

Also from On the Invoice it said 4.26 for cakebox of 10… that’s 10.65 for 25…
good price… for discs that can be written at 16X… really love em

Purple top: yes… and mediacode is YUDEN000 T02

I burn them at 6x with great success. Anything above that does not meet my strict quality expectations. I got mine from rima also and think they are great, best media I have used. Really need to post scans. I will do a series of tests once I get a new system up with a 3520 and post scans for reference.