NEC 3500 Burning Speed Problem

I just recently purchased an NEC 3500, and I’m having a little trouble getting it to burn at 8x. I’m using Ritek G05 8x media, and in Nero I have it set to burn at 8x. I was burning about 4 gigabytes of data to a DVD and the progress thing said it was going at 8x or 11,000 KB/sec. The disc took 23 minutes to burn, and if I did the math correctly it should have taken somewhere around 6 minutes at 8x. Does anyone have any idea what my problem could be? I made sure DMA was enabled on both of my hard drives, it’s set to “auto” in my BIOS for all of my IDE devices, and I have the DVD drive on a separate IDE channel from both hard drives too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


A successful burn at 8x should take ~9:30 minutes on the NEC ND-3500 (and not 6 minutes. 8x speed is reached for the last third of the burn only, not constantly).

The best way to determine DMA problems is doing a transfer rate scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed (get it here). If you get a perfect 16x transfer scan with a (good quality) single layer disc in your NEC drive, you can be sure that the drive is running in UDMA 2 mode (33 Megabytes/s).

P.S.: Did you actually burn the disc, or just simulation only?