NEC 3500 bitsetting question

I have a set top DVD player from Sony that will not play DVD-ROMs - according to the manual. However, I accidentally burnt a movie with the booktype set as DVD-ROM and the media is DVD+R. I selected to burn the disc as DVD-Video in Nero. When the burn process started, Nero says that the booktype was automatically set to DVD-ROM. I put the disc in my Sony player and it works. Is it that the Sony would not read pressed DVD-ROM disc? Nero CD/DVD speed says that the disc is a DVD+R with DVD-ROM booktype. Nero Infotool says that the disc is DVD-Video(DVD+R). :confused:

If it works, what is the question?

Pressed VIDEO-DVD’s will normally read as Booktype DVD-ROM, this is the most compatible format, and why everyone raves about bitsetting for +R media. I guess your SONY manual means, it will not read a DVD-ROM data disc.