Nec 3500 & audio ripping

hi all
I have this drive and i often need to rip audio cd
I found the drive very bad in this, many jitter errors (corrected by rip program) and very slow in it
I use cd-ex
I tryed the same audio cd in an old yamaha 16X writer: no errors at all and speed is more than double!!!

dma is ok…like i think other setting

i am a bit upset…how is it possible that a new hardare is really beaten by a very old writer??
any comment??

Are you using the latest firmware?

My NEC 3500 rips fine - but I use EAC in preference to CDex. Have you tried EAC?

What speed do you rip?
Lower the speed if you ave problems.


I use my NEC 3500 for audio ripping all the time, mostly at 32x with EAC and J. River Media Center. The only time it has problems is when the CD is so bad that my other drive (a Plextor PX-712A) also has problems.

I haven’t used CDex in years, but with both EAC and J. River Media Center the “secure” ripping works flawlessly and pretty fast too.

i will try with eac, but i don’t think the matter is the software…

for example, it takes 12-15 minutes to copy a dvd 4.5gb to hard disk (test with dvd verbatim burned with this drive at 6X, normal data dvd)
i find it slow, not only about audio ripping
basically, it takes less time to burn a disk than to read/copy what written in the hard disk!!!
i have tryed changing firmware, even those with riplock removed, but it is all the same…

Do a simple transfer rate test with freeware Nero CD-DVD Speed test program. On clean SL DVD-Video you should see speed start ~6.5X up to ~16X. It should take under 5 minutes. This test is good because it takes the hard drive access issues from the ripping function. You also need firmware with riplock removed.

done it
it gets 10x…mmm…
here it is
i made it twice, same results

please…should i start thinking have problems??


What does DVD transfer rate have to do with audio grabbing?

Your screenshot clearly shows that a DVD-R is being tested. :eek:

if you read my second post here
i say that i have problems with any kind of trasfer from dvd to hd
first I complained audio ripping, than i wrote about trasfer a normal data dvd from a -dvd to hd
and i poste the screen, after a user told me the normal trasfer should be up to 16X (i guessed he was speaking about a -dvd data dvd)

ummm is this in an external enclosure or connected to a addin ide card?

it is connectec direct to motherboard
master on secondary ide
on slave there is another drive
but i also have tryed to connect only the nec and disconnect the other drive
nothing changes

do a burst rate test in cd/dvd speed and tell me what you get as a result

i have found a review in this site
here the screen of the same test

actually the speed reach 16X…my nec only stops at 10x!!!
but i have noticed a difference in read type CAV or P-CAV…how come??

how do i do this??
are you speaking about the burst rate that you find in the screen???
i get 14m/s…against 24m/s of the screen of the review…

if you get 14 then you are not udma2 you might be multiword dma2 which is lower in speed. might want to search for miultiword in the forum here

Stop everything. I banged my head against the wall with the same problem/result. You have a DMA issue! Look in every page of your bios and I’m CERTAIN you will find somewhere where DMA is either off for this device, or in multi-word? setting.

I have an Asus P4R800-V Deluxe MoBo, adn an NEC ND-3500 drive. In windows, the Device Manager was reporting the correct DMA setting, but I was getting scans JUST like yours. I even re-loaded the OS TWICE to no avail. Only after I looked through the bios and found this DMA setting did I get transfer rate tests anywhere NEAR acceptable. Again, I stress, my scans before were IDENTAICAL to yours!


you got the point!!!
you find the issue…thanks very much…
it was impossible for me to try this…
look at this: it is my start-up bios
as you can see the dvd is shown running at DMA mode 2
i don’t have anything in bios to force a specific dma…it is totally automatic…

but i did this: i changed the position…made it in primary slave…instead of secondary master…and that is the result…i suppose now that my secondary ide channel in not UDMA 100
but the question is: it is at least UDMA 66, and nec is UDMA 2 too…so how is it possible such a change in speed…it shouldn’t be different…since the speed should be sufficient, even in the case of secondary ide is not udma 100…infact, even changing the position of nec drive, the bios always show me UDMA 2…but the speed is different…
that is really a strange behaviour…

anyway: how come the line in not linear…but has a moment when it drops down and then go up???

now i have to choose the configuration.
I have 2 hd’s, a cd-rw and nec dvd
i have always had the 2 hd’s on primary ide
and 2 optical drives on secondary ide