NEC 3500 any better at reading than 2500?

I just returned my 2500. The drive could not reliably read back DVD-R discs that it itself had written.

Over the last few months I experimented with different media - recording twenty 200MB files to Datawrite Yellow (GO4) and Datawrite Classic Grey (fuji).

On every disc - of the 20 files written, I could only read back files 1 to 6. Could not read files 7- 20.

To be extra safe I wrote at low speed (x2) to the x4 and x8 media.

I believe the drive was writing correctly - the discs could be read in other DVD drives.

I have seen lots of posts reporting similar problems.

Is the 3500 any better? I’m not concerned with speed just data integrity.

It’s better then my 2500 is but it’s still not quite as good as a good regular dvd rom like my 166. I usually never use any of my burners to rip with, thats what my less then $20 166 is for.


The 3500 is superior to the 2500-

Strongly suggest a Aopen 1648/aap ($30 + shipping from or Sony ddu1621 as your “reader” and the 3500 as your “writer” and use ONLY top quality media like the Taiyo Yuden 8x ($.60 + shipping from -


Thanks for the advice but having to buy and install another drive just for reading seems a bit crazy since I don’t want to write on the fly.

Being able to Read & Write with the same drive doesn’t seem such a tall order.

I will probably risk it and buy the 3500, just a bit cautious after my experience with the 2500.

Just buy some quality media and you’ll be safe.

The Pioneer 108 DL recorder is a good reader, too! I would go for this drive if you don’t need SL bitsetting.