Nec 3500 and?

Hey guys, I just got my 3500 updated with new firmware. Now I’m looking for advice on which dvd reader I should get, from what I’m reading, there are faster readers than the Nec 3500. What are you using and are you happy with it, if you had to buy again what would you buy…I have not tried to backup any of my movies yet but, I’m getting closer. I welcome any advice.

Thanks Pete

I have an ASUS E616P2 and I love it. It rips a DVD in 10-12 minutes, is super quite and I have yet to have any problems with it.

The only downsides are it doesn’t support DVD-RAM and haven’t seen any modded firmwares.

But I think it was well worth the $26 I spent on it. Hope this helps!

Corey, all the info I can get my hands on HELPS! I think that I would like something that does both +and- if possible. I have had Asus equipment in the past and thought they put out a darn good product.

Thanks Pete

This AOpen 1648 AAP is one of the fastest and has some of the best error correction. If you read this link you will find more tan you need to know.

If you go for some other brand make sure you are comparing rip speeds of the same type of media. DL, SL, -R, and RW all rip at different rates.

Thanks Chas, A I have heard of aopen1648 aap when I went to newegg to buy it they out…darn the luck…so now I’m basicaly taking a poll.
Does your aopen do both + and - ? and would you buy the same thing again?


I like the lite-on 166s always have. I never realy took a note to the speed but I do know it rips my DVDs with out a problem. I know on this forum they say the AOpen is faster so I called a place I buy my parts from and he said he stop selling them cause they had a high failure rate. :eek: I know I had one lite-on DVD-Rom fail after like 3 years so I couldn’t complain about that. :slight_smile:
If your in the US you can get them on pricewatch for $19 and free shipping. :slight_smile:
Good luck with what ever you buy. :slight_smile:
By the way they all do + & - it DVD-Ram they might not do.

Pc Guy, I like the price very much. I will let the majority rule on this one.
Thanks for the information.

Thanks Pete

My guess would be the high failure rate is because quite a few people change the faceplate and it requires exact mounting or the door won’t close all the way. Most times this problem is hard to recognize. I have used a Liteon 167T and currently the AOpen and I will stick with the AOpen. Nothing wrong with the Liteon, just the Aopen is faster and better for errors. There is also an Toshiba that a lot of people swear by. Also I have seen quite a few comments about the reading abilities of the Benq 1620. Do a litle digging searching for 1648 AAP and you can probably find the dealer who has them in stock. I think it is

You need exactly the 1648 AAP, not any other model. If it is too much trouble to get, the Liteon 167T is a good second choice, just get the 9S19 firmware from

If you want the ability to scan your burns, the 1620 Benq would be an alternative, but I have checked most of my 3500 burns and I have yet to see any problems. I only wind up with troubles on the Liteon I use to scan with, so I only burn on the NEC now.

I am not sure whether the 1620 has a riplock so check in the Benq forum to see what they say.

BTW, what media do you plan to use?

Chas, thanks for the great info! I’m doing a search for the aopen 1648 app

Thanks Pete

The NEC 3500A is not a great reader, but it’s no turtle in the read department if your firmware disables riplock. I just ripped a 104 min DVD with DVD Decrypter in 12 min. The rip speed is above 5x 85% of time. Peak rip speed is around 6.8x.

If saving 5 min of rip time is important to you, then go with the AOpen. I doubt that you will be able to wear out the NEC if you use it to rip and burn DVDs.

My guess would be that you had a SL DVD, but you are right, 6.8X is better than a lot of drives with riplock. The AOpen 1648 peaks at 14X though. Even if it is only a 5 minute difference it is still 40% less time. I agree that I could just use my NEC.
But I REALLY wanted to fill that empty bay in my drive and I just couldn’t justify the $25 unless I could gain something. Thank goodness I am out of bay space or I am sure I would own at least 3 more drives.

Why not get another DVD Burner to put in as the slave then when you find a media type the NEC can’t burn quite as well (hard to do really…) the other drive may be able to do well by it? I’d say either get the new Pioneer drive (I think the DVR-109 is out now) or get the BenQ. The BenQ is relatively cheap and I know I really like mine comparing it to the NEC plus then you can do disc quality scans using Nero CD/DVD speed to check the pretty burns that NEC makes every once and awhile. :wink:

Dual layer XMEN DVD with DVD Decrypter (main movie and IFOs only). Total size on the HD after the 12.1 minutes rip session is just under 5GB. Therefore, the average rip speed is 4.87x or 6750MB/sec. I only see 6.8x speed during ripping for several seconds.

With the DVD Troy (brand new disc), the rip speed can drop to about 1.4x.

That explains it. Most DLs I see are closer to 8GB so that explains your 12 minute speed. I get under 12 minutes with 8GB so I had trouble seeing how you could get 12 min when you said you are close to 5X. You cleared it up, thanks for taking the time.


I have two 3500’s - one with Sony 1612 (LiteOn 166) and one with Aopen 1648/aap-

The Aopen is about 25% faster than the Sony - and has superior error correction IMHO-

You can get the Aopen 1648/aap from for $36 shipped-


Did a scan of a “factory” DL DVD movie using Nero DVD Speed, NEC 3500A, and AnyDVD. The read speed started at 3.1x and reached a maximum value of 7.2x before switching to the second layer.

I backuped my first dvd last nigth using Dvd decrypter and Dvd Shrink, I use my 3500 to read the disc it took 35 min. and was at 3.1x speed, it only took 6 min. to burn the movie that was nice! I order an aopen 1648 app and Liteon 167t. hoping to decrease ripping time. Thanks everybody.