Nec 3500 and Verbatim DVD's

I have a nec 3500 whith 2.18 firmware (the official) and when I burn a Verbatim 8x using copytodvd 3.0.30, i choose 12x speed, but the max speed was 8x at the end…
I don´t understan this, someone could tell me why?
Note: the dvd was almost full (4.18Gb)

(Sorry my english…) :stuck_out_tongue:

The OPC that kicks in, happens a lot. Check the speed quality forum.

Could you please give me the link…

So there is no solution for this?
The media was a -R and the id are MCC 02RG20.

Maybe the problem is from the firmware…
But for the next week i will try the 3.0.35 version of copy2dvd

Anyone could help me with this?