NEC 3500 and Ricoh DL



Hi, just a quick question.
Does the 3500 with Liggy’s 2.18 w/bitsetting firmware support the Ricoh 4x DL discs?



It does at 2.4X according to the chart in the thread.
I don’t know about 4X though.



I don’t think it’s a big issue speeding up the write speed, if the media can support it. Perhaps another expert could confirm this.


Although this media is listed in the firmware at 2.4X. The media is not fully supported in the firmware and may well fail to burn.
Play it safe, stick with Verbatim DL media


Thanks for the help. I already had the Ricoh on order when I thought to ask lol. But I got sent the wrong stuff so I’ll get the Verbatim instead. Or possibly one Ricoh and one Verbatim just to try it out.