NEC 3500 and Reading problems

Hi all
I have problems with reading some disks with 3500. I tried meny fw, but nth improved.
Many of them I can read with my old LiteOn 451 -> 851.
Does anybody knows any fw for nec 3500, which is best in reading media’s
Thanks all

What type of discs? I’m also having a problem with my 3500 not reading discs. These are Ritek R03s which were burned on a LG 4120.

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Hmm that’s odd, NEC 3500A works great for me at reading all types of discs (even crappy ones).
Are the discs not recognizeable or are you getting a failure in the middle of copying data to your harddrive?
Also @ bocko, please post the disc MID.


Discs were standard Princo 4x, if u need MID, I’ll send you later.
Usually, disc reading failure in the middle of copying data to your harddrive
but with one I had problems, almost reading it at all from the insertion, I could not even select that drive. That discs worked with no problem in standalone cheap dvd player
What fw are u using, and where can I DL

The discs are recognized. The problem is on playback they freeze. Seems to happen later in the discs. About two thirds of the way through or more. I can hear the drive slow down. Totally locks up PowerDVD. On one of the Ritek R03s Nero CD/DVD Speed scandisc surface scan shows unreadable beyond 75 percent. I just tried another and get unreadable beyond 82 percent. These discs worked fine when played in a LG 4120.

Emm, I don’t think Princo has any standards. :stuck_out_tongue:
Very crappy media you have there…

I’m still running 2.FA from Mad Dog.
You can flash it using BinFlash if you desire…

@jnelm, have you tried a transfer rate test on those discs?
(Should go up to 16x if the disc has no problems).

It gives a read error.

That’s unfortunate, you may have low grade or faulty RITEKR03 discs.
Although, I have had excellent results with these discs on my 3500A using firmware 2.FA