NEC 3500 and Pioneer 108 QUALITY?



Hi guys,

NOT trying to start a flame war here but I’m after really good quality burns and I’m curious if there’s a few thorough reviews yet which cover this?

I noticed in this review they said they NEC 3500 is not as compatible as the 108.

But I also saw many comments online about the 3500 being “good quality” - the build, the tray, some kind of rubber dust seal and NEC being thorough with firmware releases to make sure it’s good quality right?

Is there any solid concrete information on which drive is best for quality.
I specifically need quality, my G/F has a Samsung E137b DVD player and I have a (faulty, now being RMA’d) Pioneer 107D - Princo -R disc’s were stuttering a LOT at ONLY THE END of movies, oh the pain - THE PAIN! it’s SO annoying.

So I’m changing media and buying a new drive, I’m “grown up” now I spose, burn times don’t bother me (anything over 4x) and overburn doesn’t bother me either, I just want a good disc and good burner.

Any comments?


One other thing,

We have limited media availability in Australia, prices are NASTY for some stuff.

I only have the following at my disposal.

Smartdisc -R
Smartdisc +R
Princo -R (i’m sick of these! no wonder people complain about them)
Ritek -R (I beleive G04, but don’t quote me)
DataCell +R (8X)

Any of those good?


Pioneer does seem to be leading in the reivews where it is more important to me. Burn quality. Also it writes 8X speed very fast and reliable. I figure most of my burns will be at 8X or under so that makes the Pioneer the faster drive.

I want the drive primarily for data backup so write quality is the number 1 issue.

More review Links that point to the Pioneer writing better quality. Any showing the reverse?


I suspect there was nothing wrong with the 107D you RMA’d. If you don’t find better media, you probably won’t be happy with either the 3500 or 108.

I’m coming from a 2500 and have been pleased with the burn quality of the Pioneer 108. It seesm very comparable on several different types of media I’ve tried. The 8x burn time was the deciding factor for me as the 3500 is no faster at 8x than the 2500 I have and I expect most of my burns to be done at that speed. 6 minute burns would be nice but 8:00 was a huge improvement over the 15:00 on my 2500 burning at 4x.

You might want to take a look at the thread in the media forum on buying media in Australia.