NEC 3500 and overburning

Seems like one of the very few negative points of this drive. My question is if luck of overburning DVDs and more than 90m CDs (according to reviews) is a limitaion in firmware, or a limitation in the hardware itself. Is there a chance for a hacked firmware that will unlock overburning?

Limitation by firmware or hardware…your call. :wink:

To my knowledge only Plextor has proven to be able overburn DVD (minus) -R´s. And that only with a “few” Mb´s.
There is special media out there claiming also other DVDRW´s will be able overburn when using it, but I haven´t seen that many good results yet.

Why bother. We have DL DVD´s and next year new techologies will see light with storage capacities far bigger then nowdays DL discs. :cool:

BTW, there are also recent post about this here and here.