NEC 3500 and Nierle. Good media?



Like the title says, we are about to order some discs from Nierle. I have NEC 3500. What is a reasonably good (and cheap, but not necessarily cheapest) media? Any hints?


As far as I can tell from Nierle’s homepage, they are quite expensive with high quality media such as Verbatim; perhaps they are cheap with lower grade media, but I prefer to buy media I can trust.

If you want quality media at reasonable prices I suggest you also look at WeSellCD ( and IT-Netsupply ( I am not in any way affiliated with those shops (except as a customer).

You can buy Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R and DVD+R 8x at very reasonable prices there. I have bought from both shops and am quite satisfied.

Especially the Verbatim DLP DVD-R 8x burns incredibly well in my NEC 3500. You can currently get 25pcs Verbatim DLP DVD-R 8x for approx €10 at IT-Netsupply (I can only see the price in Danish currency incl. VAT).