NEC 3500 and NEC 3520 stopped working similarly

In Jan, after burning on Verbatim DL +R media, my NEC 3500 just died. I was archive 40gb of mp3s across 5 disks. It got through 4 disks and then on the 5th disk, it didn’t recognize the media. I tried uninstalling the Microsoft IDE device drivers and reinstalling them. Also, reflashed it. It shows up in bios and the OS sees it, but it just stopped working. I ordered a NEC 3550 and moved on.

Last night, my NEC 3520 died in a similar fashion. I had backedup a movie I own on Verbatim DL+R media. It worked no problem. I then started trying to archive something on Ritek DVD-R media. The drive didn’t recognize it. I uninstalled Microsoft IDE drivers and re-added them. I also reflashed the 3520 as well. It shows up in bios and the OS sees it, but it just stopped working. I just ordered another NEC 3500 and am moving on.

I had the NEC 3500 on a Abit NF7 v2 mobo and I was using XP Pro and Microsoft IDE drivers. I had the NEC 3520 on an Asus A7n8x deluxe 1.04 mobo with XP Pro and Microsoft IDE drivers.

It’s weird that they both died after burning a Verbatim DL +R media. I also don’t use dual layer burning that regularly. The only other consistent thing I can see is that both my mobos are Nforce2 chipsets.

This could just be a mere coincidence and that it probably reached the max btu hours for both burners. I bought the NEC 3500 in Nov 2004 and bought the NEC 3520 in Feb 2005. Both lasted over a little of a year. I also used them pretty much every day.

I am so glad DVD burners are cheap. I do have another NEC 3520 that I bought in April 2005. I wonder how much longer this one will last.

Anyone have a similar experience as this?

Of course it is possible that the drives have failed, but the likelihood of 2 different drives to fail in a similar way at the same period of time is a bit low.

I can’t get out of my mind that it might be a software issue. If you are not bored, reformat & reinstall Windows in a PC and check it out. A virus infection is also a possibility. If it is not software related, it could be a bad wall plug or PSU that might have caused the drives to fail

Thanks for your feedback. When the NEC 3500 died, I put it in another Windows XP machine and it reacted the same way. I have 2 different PSUs in the 2 machines (Abitnf7, Asus a7n8x) the NEC 3500 and NEC 3520 failed (Antec 450w, Thermaltake 480W). HOWEVER, a bad wall plug has me thinking possibly (both machines are plugged into a power strip into the same wall plug).

Hi, I have (or had) a 4550. Today after burning 2 dvds it just died similar to yours. It is recognised on the bios and by windows but will not recognise any media to read or write too. I updated the firmware just in case but it made no difference. It is only 4 months old so I have emailed ebuyer for a replacement I have a liteon 411 still which I now only use for reading and that still works fine or as well as it did , ie mostly crap burns. So I dont think that it is the oprating system. Rob