Nec 3500 and DVD+RW

I have some Ridata 4x DVD+RW on which I am trying to burn a movie.When using Nero 6606 I get this error “DVD-Video file allocation failed. The resulting DVD-Video might be unplayable”
I have burnt these files on regular DVD’s already.
I have also installed Incd 4113 which cannot read the disks.
Is there a compatibility problem with the +RW"s or do they have to be formatted before using.

Any help appreciated

Quickie 2.28 Extreme

I’m not problem with Philips +RW 4X.

@sodesay, this error appears before you actually start burning, doesn’t it? So it is not related to the media you use.
I think it indicates that something is wrong with the structure of the files, which Nero checks. You should see the exact information in the main Nero window. I often see it when a .bup file is different from the .ifo file. You can fix that, or just burn anyway (if this is indeed the error). After all, it is only a +rw so you can use it again.

My Ridata 4X +RW burns just fine with Nero.

Firmware: LD V2 RC2

Thanks everyone.
Xterminator you were right. It seems there is a problem with the files. I tried another set of files and they burned and played normal.