Nec_3500 and dvd rw, read please




from about one month I have bought the nec_3500.
before I had the pioneer_108 and the liteon 812s.

with the nec_3500 I have a problem with the dvd+rw (verbatim 4x MKM A02), and dvd-rw (verbatin 4x MCCs 01RW4X); problem that I have solo with the nec_3500.

the problem is the following:

when I write a dvd_video or a dvd_iso (for instance a dvd with different tapes in xvid), my reader of house xplayer dvx7000 tells that the disk is empty.

if I use the same disks with the pioneer or with the liteon, I don’t have some problem to read the content of the disks.

has someone found the same problem?

can you help me?

currently I have in use the firmware liggy 2.18.



Did you set bitsetting to DVD-ROM? What’s the brand of your stand-alone player?


yes i set booktype to dvd-rom.

brand: xplayer mpeg4 dvx 7000